SVW Logo/Mark

This is a Snapshot
Not a live site

Sites change over time, regardless of who is overseeing them. In order to represent my work accurately after my contract has ended I take a snapshot of what the site looks like and store it separately. What you see below is exactly that.

My work in design and programming for the UVU Foundation is demonstrated in everything below except for the footer.

Search Engine Indexing and Personal Data

I've made an effort to remove all external links and place nofollow noindex tags on all pages to ensure this subsite is not confused with what is currently live for the organization.

All personal data (i.e. phone numbers and emails) are removed to ensure spambots don't gather it for their purposes. If you notice anything in violation of this effort your feedback is highly encouraged.

Visit the live site

If you would like to see the differences that have occured since my contract ended you can visit the live site for the UVU Foundation by clicking the link below.

Live UVU Foundation Website