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Tuition Estimator

This was originaly created for the Woodbury School of Business, but I thought it could be useful for anybody or school. I made some adjustments so you can use the tuition and fee data pertinent to your school.

Download the Tuition Estimator code package


Tuition Estimator

Most universities itemize out tuition and fees per half credit.

Tuition Array (separate with commas)
Starting with the tuition & fee for 0.50 credit, write each increment's corresponding cost separated by commas.
Fee Array (separate with commas)
Fees are attributed up to the half credit provided. Any credits higher than that are assumed to use the highest fee provided.
Credits to Graduate
Anticipated Credit Hours Per Semester
Semesters Per Year
Annual Increase %
Additional Expenses Per Semester
Books & Supplies $
Room & Board $
Transportation $
Summary results will display here
Detail results will display here