Portfolio Section

An overview of my work with small demonstrables. If you have a further interest in any particular image or skillset, simply click the item to see more. You're also welcome to contact me with any questions or feedback.

Graphic Design

Each design had clear parameters set to accomplish specific marketing goals. While I learned a lot designing the pieces below, the most useful skill I've acquired while creating them is the ability to communicate with designers/artists about marketing objectives clearly and effectively.

Marks / Logos
Business Cards

Web Design

As I've designed and programmed various sites I've learned the difference between the possible and the reasonable. While virtually anything is possible, what is reasonable is the true marker for where/when resources should be allocated to any particular project. It's easy to get lost on the simplest of projects in this arena. I've found the agile development process to be the closest solution to this problem.

UVU Foundation
Marion Creations


Developing my programming skills has produced a few code packages others might find useful. Each code block below provides a description of what it does, an example, and fully fuctional downloadable zip file.

Research & Planning

This is a brief overview of graphs and charts that demonstrate the results of research and planning processes I've orchestrated. Larger images have had non-ratio numbers removed to protect organizational data.


As part of content management and customer support I created web-applications to help others when my contracts expired. I made better versions of progress management systems as I've develped (and I still have much room to grow). After working with a variety of programs designed to do the same thing, nothing beats regular phone calls and personal interaction.